Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

Hand-made Corded Military Rosary

camouflage rosary
  • black plastic crucifix, not cross
  • no plastic beads - "beads" made from knotted cord only
  • specific camouflage colors - see sources below
  • cord that does not have a shiny finish

 ***  If you are making rosaries for a military member or battalion on active duty, or to donate to a group other than Seat of Wisdom, it is best to ask their own chaplain if there are any restrictions or requirements for the location in which the rosary will be used.


On behalf of the Catholic Marines, Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen, thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.  Please continue to pray for all who serve our country.

More camouflage rosaries are needed at this time.  They are greatly appreciated by members of our Armed Forces.  If you wish to send a care package of cord rosaries to be given to individual troops through their chaplains, please follow the directions on this page.

You may contact us for a mailing address in the USA.

Thank you for your support!


For instructions:

Printable page:  How to Make Knotted Cord or Twine Rosaries

Instructions are made available by the Rosary Army website.
For more information or to get involved with their ministry, check out their website at  http://www.rosaryarmy.com/

Video Instruction:  http://rosaryarmy.newevangelizers.com/make-them/

For supplies:

Our Lady's Rosary Makers  -  black plastic crucifixes  -  item M51BK

Twine by Design  #36 rosary cord:

*Desert Camo* rosaries are currently needed by our Seat of Wisdom recipients.
(We have enough Army Camo rosaries for now. Thank you.)

Twine colors listed above have been approved for rosaries used by troops outside the wire.  FNT tan and FNT camo colors are still acceptable, if anyone has a supply on hand.  Other shades of tan/gold cord are NOT suitable for our recipients.  If you have already made cord rosaries in black or other military colors, we can refer you to some other groups which collect them for our troops.

Thanks to a benefactor:  I notice you asked for tips on getting the twine through the holes.  What I do actually is when I measure out my length for the rosary I cut the twine using a candle, just put the place you want to cut right in the flame.  Have a cup of water close by.  As soon as it's cut with the flame, wet your fingers and roll the twine into a point.  If you get a good enough point the twine will fit through the hole.  Also, if you get your black crucifixes from Our Lady's Rosary Makers (http://www.olrm.org/), item M51 has a bigger hole. They are 500 for ten dollars.  The other black crucifixes can be bought cheaper here: http://www.crossesformary.com/, but those have the regular sized holes.

Another suggestion is to fold a short piece of fishing line in half to use as a "threader".  Pass this loop through the hole of the crucifix, put the end of your twine into the loop and pull it through.

The hole of  item M51  crucifix from Our Lady's Rosary Makers is large enough to fit a single thickness of #36 cord wrapped with masking tape at the end.

Recruit a Helper:

If you know of anyone who might be interested in making camouflage rosaries for our troops, please send them an email link to this page.

With your pastor's approval, this printable flyer could be posted on a bulletin board in the church vestibule or meeting hall.

Please tell friends about our ministry...

Thanks to the Knights of Columbus councils who have provided gifts
of books and religious articles!  May God bless you for your generosity.

Prayers for Easter

Excerpts from Letters

from Chaplain of Marines:

Your donations of rosaries were received by me and on behalf of the Marines and Sailors, I thank you for them.

These sacramentals will certainly aid our troops to grow in their Catholic faith.

As I write this letter to you, they are right now in various stages of supporting our troops who are in harm's way in Afghanistan, Iraq, and stationed in other duty stations around the world.

Again, thank you very much for supporting our troops!

In Christ

from Most Reverend Henry J. Mansell, Archbishop of Hartford, CT:

I commend you for your concern for our troops who serve in such difficult circumstances.  I am sure that the support of people like you bolsters their morale immeasurably.  In particular, the rosaries and other religious items that you send must be a source of great spiritual comfort to them.

I urge you to continue to support our troops with your prayers.

Be assured of my prayers and best wishes.

from the mother of a Soldier:

Just a note to thank you again for your prayers for Stephen.  He has been home for his two week leave and is returning to Afghanistan in two days.  It has been so wonderful to see him!
He and many of his men have been carrying their rosaries with them all the time - he took his out of his uniform pocket to show me as soon as he came home.

Please keep him and his men in your prayers.

from Battalion Chaplain of 3/11 Marines:

Greetings from Afghanistan!  Accept our deep appreciation and gratitude for the prayer beads and care packages we have received, as well as your continued support of our Marines and Sailors of 3d Battalion, 11th Marines.

Every item received is greatly appreciated and cherished.  When a Marine or Sailor receives items from caring people such as you, they are reminded of why they serve in the Armed Forces and are encouraged to press on with their daily tasks.

Serving away from home is highly stressful; spouses are separated from each other, parents are separated from their children and everyone has loved ones back home that they miss dearly.  Your thoughtfulness brightened the hearts of our Marines and Sailors.  Thank you once again for your care and support of our Nation's troops.

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue in our duties and responsibilities to our beloved country.

from Chaplain, 1st Battalion-7th Marines:

Thank you so much for your support to our troops here in Iraq.  Since we are far away from home it is always good for a morale boost for our men to get letters and packages from people who do care and appreciate the sacrifices they are making here.  Some times the simplest of things we receive are greatly appreciated and make all the difference in our days.  We are also so far away from anything that resembles a store that the care packages you sent are greatly appreciated.

Our Battalion, First Battalion-Seventh Marines, serves in the al Anbar Province, conducting sustainment missions in support of the Iraqi Army and Police.  I am happy to report that both entities are beginning to develop into adequate forces and that life for the Iraqi people is getting better each day.

I appreciate all the support you have given to the Marines and Sailors of First Battalion, Seventh Marines.  Your unselfishness has made our deployment that much easier.

Our deployment has been very successful.
Our efforts here have resulted in the people of our area going back to work in a safe environment, improved infrastructure, and lots of construction.  The Iraqi Army and Police are also gaining competence every day and should be able to sustain the safety of the people even without our direct oversight.

Again, my sincere thanks at your support and may God richly bless you.

In Christ

   We are proud to serve those who make our country great.
Since 2006 our group has been sending care packages of camouflage rosaries, scapulars, Bibles, catechisms, and good books to troops serving our country in war zones and troops preparing for deployment.  We are here to support them in spirit as they give so much for us.  The items are distributed to individual members of our Armed Forces through their chaplains.  Our benefactors include Knights of Columbus, police and firefighters, Catholic families and individuals from across the USA.  Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom is our patron saint.

   We are a small group of volunteer civilians who offer our gifts and services on our own initiative.  In compliance with DoD regulations, contributions made through this site have not been requested or endorsed by any federal employee, active duty servicemember or branch of the military.