Rosary Campaign
Knotted cord rosaries for the soldiers are needed.

   We appreciate all your efforts on getting the Catholic items to our troops.

 News Articles    The Star, Chicago Heights area

Fr. Hannigan was interviewed by the Catholic New World, newspaper of the Archdiocese of Chicago.    CLICK HERE  to read the article.

Relevant Radio

Listen to highlights of an interview with Mary Zilligen Becker on the Morning Air broadcast.

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Life Talk, sponsored by the Archdiocese of Chicago, airs once per month on Relevant Radio 950-AM. A host from the Respect Life Office discusses life issues.

Independence Day on Life Talk

Fr. John Hannigan, a retired USMC chaplain, was the guest on a special Independence Day broadcast of Life Talk.  Join host Mary-Louise Kurey as she interviews Fr. Hannigan, learning what life was really like for our troops in Iraq.
Fr. Hannigan is a priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago who went through the seminary system in Chicago and proudly served the spiritual needs of service men and women in the United States Marines.

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Here are photos of the Catholic library, Fr Hannigan and his RP traveling outside the wire, and Memorial Wall with some of the photos up on the wall. Sad to say, there are more photos that need to go up.  Received Stations and blank frames.  Thank you very, very much.  Words cannot describe the appreciation.  It really helps the troops in their grieving for their fallen fellow warriors.

In Christ,

Fr. Hannigan and his RP Catholic library at Camp Ripper

Chapel at Christmas time Christmas Mass at a remote camp

Memorial Wall photos

brothers group praying at the altar

Fr. Hannigan with some of his men gathered in prayer

convoy in the desert troops on a road in Anbar province

It does my heart good as I travel over 30,000 miles every weeks to see Marines, Soldiers, Sailors wearing the scapular around their neck.  They ask for more than one scapular since it's now super hot out here plus all the protective gear we wear makes us sweat even more so. 

Guess what, extra bonus  I got, a Marine approached me and said when he gets out of the Marine Corps in 2 years from now, he'd like to start studying for the priesthood.  WOW!  He's being a sponsor for one of the Marines here who will be getting confirmed.   Baptized, Confirmed, First Communion for a Marine yesterday stationed near the Syrian border.

Thanks for all the support everyone is giving us out here.  The Seat of Wisdom website is great!  Glad to see our photos on it and became even more grateful for the tremendous support shown us when I saw on the website photos of those boxing up the catechisms for us.  Will send you more photos when I get a chance.

Pray for more priests for our military, shortages are in Army first, Navy second, Air Force third.

Fr Hannigan